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Super Lovers Anime Review  - Blog Banner
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Super Lovers Anime Review

Super Lovers Anime Review  - Blog Banner

Super Lovers is a captivating anime that takes viewers on a heartwarming and unconventional journey of love and family bonds

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Canada, this series delves into the unique and intricate relationship between Haru Kaidou, a young man with a mysterious past, and Ren, a lively and spirited teenager. 

As secrets unravel and emotions deepen, Super Lovers explores themes of acceptance, growth, and the power of love to transcend societal norms. 

With its compelling characters, scenic landscapes, and a storyline that challenges conventional notions of love, this anime offers a refreshing and engaging experience that leaves a lasting impression on both the heart and mind.

Super Lovers Synopsis

Super Lovers is an anime series that spans across two seasons. Here’s a synopsis of each season:

Season 1:

In the first season of Super Lovers, we are introduced to Haru Kaidou, a young man who is asked to go to Canada by his mother to take care of Ren, a boy with a troubled past. Ren is Haru’s stepbrother, and their initial interactions are filled with tension and awkwardness. 

However, as the two spend time together, a deep and unconventional bond begins to form. Haru is determined to help Ren overcome his past traumas and emotional scars while nurturing their blossoming relationship. 

As secrets from their shared past slowly come to light, Haru and Ren’s connection deepens, and their journey towards love and understanding begins.

Season 2:

The second season of Super Lovers continues to explore the evolving relationship between Haru and Ren. 

As their love for each other deepens, they face new challenges and obstacles, including societal prejudices and the complexities of their unconventional family dynamic. The anime delves deeper into the characters’ pasts, revealing more about the circumstances that brought them together. 

Throughout the season, Haru and Ren’s bond is put to the test, and they must navigate the intricacies of their relationship while also dealing with the expectations of those around them. 

With each passing episode, Super Lovers unravels the complexities of love, family, and personal growth, providing a heartfelt and emotionally charged narrative.

Super Lovers is a tale of love that defies societal norms and explores the unbreakable bonds between family members. Through its two seasons, it takes viewers on a captivating journey of personal growth, acceptance, and the enduring power of love.

Is Super Lovers Worth Watching?

Super Lovers is a unique anime that offers a compelling story and a range of elements that make it worth watching. Here are eight reasons to consider:

1. Unconventional Romance: 

The anime explores an unconventional and complex romantic relationship between stepbrothers Haru and Ren. This unique premise adds depth and intrigue to the story, making it stand out from more typical romance anime.

2. Character Development: 

Super Lovers focuses heavily on character development, allowing viewers to witness significant growth and change in its characters throughout the series. This adds depth and relatability to the story.

3. Family Dynamics: 

The series delves into complex family dynamics, showcasing the importance of familial bonds and unconventional families. It highlights the idea that family isn’t solely defined by blood.

4. Emotional Depth: 

Super Lovers doesn’t shy away from exploring deep emotions and tackling sensitive issues, such as trauma and personal growth. It can be a poignant and emotionally charged viewing experience.

5. Beautiful Settings: 

The anime is set in Canada and features stunning landscapes and settings. The visuals and scenery add an extra layer of beauty to the show, making it visually appealing.

6. Intriguing Secrets: 

Throughout the series, various secrets and mysteries are revealed, adding an element of suspense and intrigue that keeps viewers engaged and eager to learn more about the characters’ pasts.

7. Unique Character Relationships: 

Beyond the central romance, Super Lovers features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique relationships and interactions, adding depth and complexity to the story.

8. Message of Acceptance: 

The anime carries a message of acceptance and understanding, emphasizing the importance of embracing differences and accepting others for who they are. It encourages viewers to be more open-minded and compassionate.

While Super Lovers may not be for everyone due to its unconventional themes, it offers a unique and emotionally rich viewing experience for those who appreciate character-driven stories and complex relationships.

Super Lovers Flaws

While Super Lovers has its merits, it may not appeal to everyone due to its unique and unconventional themes. Here are three things that someone might not like about this anime:

1. Taboo Themes: 

The anime explores a romantic relationship between stepbrothers, which may be considered taboo or uncomfortable for some viewers. The unconventional nature of this central relationship can be a turn-off for those who prefer more traditional romance storylines.

2. Slow Pacing: 

Some viewers may find the pacing of Super Lovers to be slow, especially in the first season. The focus on character development and family dynamics can result in a leisurely narrative progression, which might not suit those looking for a faster-paced plot.

3. Lack of Resolution: 

Without giving away spoilers, some viewers might be frustrated by the open-ended nature of the series. While there is character development and growth throughout the two seasons, certain plotlines and character arcs may not receive a fully satisfying resolution, leaving some questions unanswered.

Ultimately, whether someone enjoys Super Lovers or not depends on their personal preferences and willingness to engage with its unconventional themes and deliberate storytelling style.


Super Lovers is a compelling and unique anime that stands out for its exploration of unconventional love, complex family dynamics, and the transformative power of acceptance. 

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea due to its taboo themes and deliberate pacing, those willing to delve into its emotionally charged narrative will find a rich and thought-provoking experience. 

With beautifully depicted settings, deep character development, and a message of embracing differences, Super Lovers offers a refreshing departure from conventional romance anime. 

It challenges societal norms, tugs at the heartstrings, and reminds us that love, in all its forms, has the capacity to heal and transform lives. 

Whether you embrace its uniqueness or not, Super Lovers is undeniably a series that leaves a lasting impression on those willing to explore its unconventional but touching world of love and family.


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