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Sakura Trick Anime Review  - Blog Banner
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Sakura Trick Anime Review 

Sakura Trick Anime Review  - Blog Banner

Welcome to a whimsical world of girl on girl romance and heartwarming friendships as we delve into the enchanting realm of Sakura Trick, an anime that first graced our screens in the year 2014. 

This delightful series falls under the genres of romance, slice of life, and yuri, offering a captivating blend of budding love, endearing character dynamics, and the unique bonds that only schoolgirls can share. 

Join us as we embark on a journey through the tender moments, giggles, and heart-fluttering kisses that make Sakura Trick a must-watch for fans of sweet, heartwarming anime tales.

Sakura Trick Synopsis

Sakura Trick invites you to the enchanting world of Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda, two inseparable friends who find their bond deepening in the most unexpected and heartwarming ways. As they enter high school, they are determined to make the most of their time together, forging memories that will last a lifetime.

However, fate has a unique twist in store for them. To ensure their place in the same class, they volunteer for a school project that involves sharing an intimate kiss. Little did they know that this seemingly innocent act would set the stage for a series of life-changing events.

As the two girls navigate the challenges of adolescence, they discover that their feelings for each other run deeper than mere friendship. With each stolen kiss, their connection grows stronger, and they embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing the complexities of their newfound love.

Sakura Trick explores the themes of friendship, love, and self-acceptance, all set against the backdrop of high school life. Follow Haruka and Yuu as they navigate the joys and challenges of their blossoming romance, all while sharing their secret kisses under the cherry blossoms—a secret that binds them together and sets their hearts aflutter.

With a heartwarming story, endearing characters, and moments of laughter and tenderness, Sakura Trick is a touching and unforgettable anime that captures the essence of first love and the beauty of forging unbreakable bonds.

Is Sakura Trick Worth Watching?

Sakura Trick captured the hearts of many viewers for a variety of reasons, making it a beloved anime in its own right. Here are eight compelling reasons why people adored this series:

1. Heartwarming Yuri Romance: 

Sakura Trick offers a sincere and touching portrayal of a romantic relationship between two girls, Haruka and Yuu. This yuri romance was refreshing and endearing to fans who appreciated seeing LGBTQ+ representation in anime.

2. Authentic High School Experience: 

The anime beautifully captures the essence of high school life, from the ups and downs of friendship to the excitement of first love. Viewers could relate to the characters’ experiences and reminisce about their own school days.

3. Adorable Character Dynamics: 

The interactions between Haruka and Yuu are incredibly cute and heart-melting. Their chemistry and the way they support each other resonated with fans, making them easy to root for.

4. Cherry Blossom Symbolism: 

The recurring motif of cherry blossoms adds a poetic and visually stunning element to the anime. These blossoms serve as a symbol of love and fleeting moments, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

5. Slice of Life Charm: 

Sakura Trick excels in its slice of life storytelling, where small, everyday moments are celebrated. Fans appreciated the focus on character development and the simple joys of life.

6. Humorous Moments: 

The anime incorporates humor effectively, providing plenty of comedic relief amidst the romantic drama. The light-hearted and funny moments added depth to the characters and their relationships.

7. Acceptance and Self-Discovery: 

The series explores themes of self-acceptance and embracing one’s true feelings. This resonated with viewers who had their own journeys of self-discovery and coming to terms with their emotions.

8. Unforgettable Kisses: 

The secret kisses between Haruka and Yuu became iconic moments in the series. These tender and intimate scenes were beautifully animated, and they left a lasting impression on fans, contributing to the anime’s popularity.

Sakura Trick is beloved for its genuine portrayal of love, relatable high school experiences, endearing characters, and the way it skillfully balances romance with humor and authenticity. It remains a cherished gem for those seeking a heartwarming and emotionally resonant anime.

Sakura Trick Flaws

While Sakura Trick has garnered a dedicated fanbase, it’s not without its criticisms. Here are three common criticisms that the anime might have received:

1. Lack of Plot Depth: 

One common criticism is that Sakura Trick prioritizes its cute and heartwarming moments over a complex or engaging storyline. Some viewers may have found the overall plot to be relatively simple and lacking in depth compared to other anime series.

2. Overemphasis on Fan Service: 

Some viewers felt that the series leaned too heavily on fan service, particularly the frequent kissing scenes between the main characters. While these moments were central to the plot, some critics believed they were overly exaggerated and detracted from the emotional depth of the story.

3. Inconsistent Pacing: 

Sakura Trick is known for its episodic structure, with individual episodes often focusing on specific romantic or comedic scenarios. However, some viewers felt that this episodic format led to inconsistent pacing, causing the story to feel disjointed at times and hindering character development.

It’s important to note that criticisms of any anime are subjective, and while these issues may have been raised by some viewers, many others appreciated the series for its charming simplicity and focus on the central romance. 

Ultimately, opinions on Sakura Trick vary widely, and it continues to have a dedicated and supportive fanbase.


Sakura Trick is an anime that has left an indelible mark on the hearts of its viewers for its genuine portrayal of young love and the beauty of forming deep connections. While it may have faced some criticisms for its simplicity and focus on fan service, it remains a cherished gem in the world of romantic slice-of-life anime. 

With its heartwarming moments, adorable characters, and the exploration of themes such as friendship, self-discovery, and acceptance, Sakura Trick offers an experience that tugs at the heartstrings of its audience. It reminds us of the fleeting, yet precious moments of adolescence, celebrated beneath the symbolic cherry blossoms. 

For those seeking a sweet and sincere journey through the ups and downs of young love, Sakura Trick is a series that continues to resonate and enchant.


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