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Kiss Him Not Me Anime Review - Blog Banner
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Kiss Him Not Me Anime Review

Kiss Him Not Me Anime Review - Blog Banner

Prepare to embark on a delightful and unconventional journey through the world of romance with Kiss Him Not Me

This charming anime series invites you into the life of Kae Serinuma, a high school girl whose heart beats not for traditional love, but for the thrilling world of anime and manga. 

As the story unfolds, you’ll find yourself swept away by Kaes unique perspective on love, her lovable group of friends, and the unexpected twists and turns that make Kiss Him Not Me a delightful rollercoaster of emotions. 

With humor, heart, and a dash of the unexpected, this anime is sure to captivate both fans of the BL genre and newcomers alike, offering a fresh take on the age-old question of romance and friendship. Join us as we dive into a world where laughter and love collide in the most unexpected ways!

Kiss Him Not Me Synopsis

Kiss Him Not Me is a heartwarming and hilarious anime that takes an unconventional approach to the world of romance. It follows the life of Kae Serinuma, a high school girl whose heart beats not for real-life crushes, but for the captivating characters of anime and manga. 

Kae is an enthusiastic fujoshi, someone who revels in the world of boys love (BL) relationships in her beloved fictional stories.

However, Kaes world is turned upside down when her favorite anime character dies, sending her into a deep depression. Consumed by grief and neglecting her own well-being, she locks herself in her room for a week, binge-watching and stress-eating. Miraculously, when she finally emerges, she has transformed from a plump and unassuming girl into a stunning beauty.

Suddenly, Kae finds herself at the center of attention, attracting the affections of four very different boys: the cool and aloof Igarashi, the outgoing and playful Nozomu, the shy and bookish Mutsumi, and the flamboyant and flirtatious Shinomiya. 

As these boys vie for her affection, Kae must navigate the unfamiliar waters of romance and decide if she’s ready to embrace real-life love or continue her fujoshi fantasies.

What follows is a delightful blend of comedy, friendship, and romance as Kaes unique perspective on love creates unexpected and often hilarious situations. Alongside her loyal friends, Amane, Shima, and Nanashima, Kae explores the complexities of relationships and discovers that love comes in many forms. 

Kiss Him, Not Me is a heartwarming journey of self-discovery and the power of friendship, where laughter and love are never far apart.

Is Kiss Him Not Me worth watching?

Kiss Him Not Me garnered a dedicated fan base for several reasons:

1. Unique Premise: 

The anime’s premise is refreshingly unique. It centers around a fujoshi protagonist, which is relatively uncommon in the world of anime. Kae’s passion for boys love manga and her transformation after a period of grief make for an intriguing and unconventional starting point.

2. Humor: 

The series is known for its humor, often derived from Kae’s fujoshi tendencies, her vivid imagination, and the quirky interactions among the characters. The comedic elements, such as the characters reactions to Kae’s fantasies, provide plenty of laughs.

3. Character Dynamics: 

The anime features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own distinct personalities and quirks. The interactions and romantic entanglements between Kae and the four male suitors offer a range of comedic and heartwarming moments.

4. Friendship Themes: 

While romance plays a significant role, the anime also emphasizes the importance of friendship. Kae’s close-knit group of friends supports her through various challenges, and their loyalty and camaraderie resonate with viewers.

5. Character Development: 

As the story progresses, characters undergo meaningful development, shedding light on their backstories and motivations. This depth adds emotional resonance to the series and keeps viewers engaged.

6. Inclusivity: 

Kiss Him Not Me explores different types of attraction and relationships, including same-sex and heterosexual relationships, appealing to a broad audience and promoting inclusivity.

7. Empowerment: 

Kaes character transformation from an introverted otaku to a confident and self-assured young woman serves as an empowering narrative for viewers who may relate to her journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

8. Romantic Tension: 

The romantic tension and who will she choose aspect of the story keep viewers invested in the unfolding relationships, adding an element of suspense and anticipation.

9. Art and Animation: 

The animation quality and character designs are visually appealing, making it enjoyable to watch.

10. Subversion of Tropes: 

The anime often subverts typical romance anime tropes, keeping the story fresh and unpredictable, which many viewers find engaging.

Kiss Him Not Me captivated audiences with its humor, unique premise, well-developed characters, themes of friendship and empowerment, and its ability to subvert expectations in the romance genre. Its blend of comedy and heartwarming moments, as well as its inclusive approach to relationships, contributed to its popularity among anime enthusiasts.

Kiss Him Not Me flaws

While Kiss Him Not Me has a dedicated fanbase, it has also received some criticisms, as no piece of media is universally loved. Here are a few common criticisms:

1. Fujoshi Stereotypes: 

Some viewers felt that the anime perpetuated stereotypes about fujoshi (female fans of boys love) and that Kaes character was sometimes portrayed in a one-dimensional or exaggerated manner.

2. Pacing Issues: 

A few viewers found that the pacing of the story, particularly in the later episodes, could be uneven, with some arcs feeling rushed or resolved too quickly.

3. Character Depth: 

While the main characters received significant development, some side characters were criticized for not receiving the same level of attention and depth, potentially leaving viewers wanting to know more about them.

4. Love Triangle Trope: 

Some viewers were critical of the love triangle trope that emerges in the series, feeling that it was overused and predictable.

5. Art Style: 

While the character designs and animation quality were praised by many, a few viewers had differing opinions on the art style, finding it somewhat inconsistent or not to their personal taste.

6. Inclusion of BL Themes: 

While the inclusion of boys love themes is central to the story, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and some viewers may find it uncomfortable or not to their liking.

7. Lack of Realism: 

The series is known for its comedic and fantastical elements, but this may not appeal to viewers seeking a more realistic portrayal of romance and relationships.

It’s important to note that opinions on anime are highly subjective, and what some viewers may see as criticisms, others may view as part of the shows charm. 

While Kiss Him Not Me may not be without flaws, it has still managed to find a dedicated fanbase that appreciates its unique premise and character dynamics.


Kiss Him Not Me offers a delightful and unconventional take on the world of romance in the realm of anime. With its unique premise, humorous moments, and endearing characters, it manages to stand out in a crowded genre. 

While it’s not without its criticisms, including some character depth issues and the perpetuation of fujoshi stereotypes, it succeeds in creating an engaging and heartwarming narrative. The series promotes the importance of friendship and self-discovery while subverting traditional romance tropes, making it a refreshing and inclusive watch. 

Ultimately, Kiss Him Not Me is a charming and entertaining anime that has carved out its own special place in the hearts of viewers who appreciate its humor, its celebration of diverse forms of love, and its message of empowerment and self-acceptance.


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