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Horimiya Review

Horimiya is a heart-warming anime series that tells the story of two high school students, Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, who seemingly have nothing in common but end up discovering a deep connection with each other. 

Based on the manga of the same name by HERO and Daisuke Hagiwara, this anime beautifully portrays the joys and struggles of adolescence, as well as the importance of genuine human connections. 

With its charming characters, relatable themes, and gorgeous animation, Horimiya has captured the hearts of viewers around the world and has become a beloved addition to the romance anime genre.

In this anime review, we’ll explore what makes Horimiya such a delightful and heart-warming series to watch.

Horimiya Synopsis

Horimiya is a romantic-comedy anime series based on the manga of the same name by HERO and Daisuke Hagiwara. The series follows the daily lives of two high school students named Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, who are seemingly complete opposites, but become friends and eventually more.

Kyoko Hori is a popular and beautiful high school girl who is highly intelligent and has many friends. However, she has a secret life outside of school where she takes care of her younger brother and does household chores, as her parents are always busy with work.

One day, she runs into Izumi Miyamura, a quiet and shy classmate who is known for his long hair and piercings. Kyoko is surprised to see that Miyamura is not the person she thought he was and they quickly become friends.

As their friendship deepens, Kyoko and Miyamura begin to learn more about each other’s lives and backgrounds. They start to spend more time together and Kyoko realizes that Miyamura is actually a kind and caring person who has been misunderstood by their classmates. Over time, they develop feelings for each other and begin to date.

Throughout the series, Kyoko and Miyamura navigate the ups and downs of their relationship while dealing with the challenges of high school life. They also become involved in the lives of their friends and classmates, including Kyoko’s best friend Yuki and Miyamura’s classmate Toru.

Overall, Horimiya is a heartwarming and funny anime that explores the themes of friendship, love, and self-discovery. The series is praised for its realistic portrayal of teenage life and its diverse and relatable characters.

Is Horimiya worth watching?

Horimiya is a popular anime series that has gained a massive following since its release in 2021. The show is known for its relatable characters, unique plot, and heart-warming moments. Here are some of the reasons why people love Horimiya:

Realistic portrayal of relationships: 

One of the main reasons why people love Horimiya is because of its realistic portrayal of relationships. The show depicts the ups and downs of relationships, including the struggles that come with trying to understand your partner.

Relatable characters: 

Horimiya’s characters are relatable and easy to connect with. They are flawed, yet lovable, and their struggles feel real. Viewers often find themselves rooting for them and their relationships.

Unique plot: 

Horimiya’s plot is unique in that it combines elements of romance, slice of life, and comedy. The show is not afraid to tackle serious issues like bullying and mental health, but it also knows how to balance those moments with light-hearted comedy.

Beautiful animation: 

The animation in Horimiya is stunning, with beautiful backgrounds and character designs. The show’s visuals help to immerse viewers in the world of the characters.

Heart-warming moments: 

Horimiya is filled with heart-warming moments that leave viewers feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Whether it’s a sweet moment between the two main characters, or a touching scene with the supporting cast, the show has plenty of moments that will make you smile.

Well-written dialogue

The show’s dialogue is well-written and natural, making the characters feel more like real people than anime characters. The conversations between the characters are often funny and heartfelt, and they help to build the relationships between them.

Diverse cast: 

Horimiya’s cast is diverse, with characters from different backgrounds and with different personalities. The show explores their differences in a meaningful way, and it’s refreshing to see a diverse group of characters in an anime.


Horimiya’s soundtrack is beautiful, with a mix of upbeat and emotional tracks that complement the show’s tone perfectly. The music helps to set the mood for each scene, and it’s a joy to listen to.

Overall, Horimiya is a fantastic anime that has captured the hearts of viewers with its realistic portrayal of relationships, relatable characters, unique plot, beautiful animation, heart-warming moments, well-written dialogue, diverse cast, and incredible soundtrack.

Everything that sucks about Horimiya  

Horimiya is an anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name written by HERO and illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara. While the anime has been well-received by audiences and critics alike, there are a few criticisms that have been leveled against it. Here are some of the criticisms that Horimiya anime might have received:


One of the main criticisms of the Horimiya anime is its pacing. Some viewers felt that the anime moved too quickly, which resulted in a lack of character development and emotional depth. While the anime covers a significant portion of the manga, some of the storylines and character interactions are glossed over or cut short.

Lack of backstory: 

Another criticism of the Horimiya anime is the lack of backstory provided for some of the characters. Some viewers felt that the anime did not give enough background information about the characters’ pasts, which made it difficult to fully understand their motivations and actions.

Animation quality: 

While the animation quality of Horimiya is generally good, some viewers have criticized the inconsistent animation quality in certain scenes. Some scenes have been described as looking rushed or poorly animated compared to others, which can be jarring and take viewers out of the story.

Changes from the manga: 

As is often the case with anime adaptations of manga, some viewers have criticized the Horimiya anime for making changes from the source material. While some changes were necessary to adapt the story to the anime format, some viewers felt that certain changes negatively impacted the story or characters.

Lack of focus on supporting characters: 

While the anime focuses primarily on the relationship between the main characters, Hori and Miyamura, some viewers have criticized the lack of focus on supporting characters. Some of the side characters, such as Hori’s friends or Miyamura’s classmates, are not given as much screen time or development as they are in the manga.

It’s worth noting that while Horimiya has received some criticism, it has also been generally well-received by audiences and critics alike. The anime has been praised for its depiction of a healthy and realistic relationship, its portrayal of diverse characters, and its blend of comedy and drama.

Final thoughts on Horimiya  

In conclusion, Horimiya is an anime that strikes a perfect balance between romance, comedy, and slice of life genres. It is a beautiful depiction of the complexities of teenage relationships and the struggles of self-discovery. 

The characters are well-developed, and their growth throughout the series is a joy to watch. The animation and sound quality are top-notch, adding to the overall enjoyment of the show. 

Horimiya is a must-watch for fans of the romance and slice of life genres, and it is an anime that will leave a lasting impression on its viewers.


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