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Bunny Drop Anime Review

Bunny Drop is a heartwarming Japanese anime series that aired in 2011. Directed by Kanta Kamei, the show was produced by Production I.G, a renowned animation studio. 

This endearing series explores themes of family, responsibility, and personal growth. It falls under the genres of slice of life and drama, offering a refreshing and relatable portrayal of everyday life. 

Bunny Drop tells the story of Daikichi, a single bachelor who unexpectedly finds himself becoming the guardian of Rin, a young girl. Together, they embark on a touching journey of love, self-discovery, and the challenges of parenthood. 

With its tender storytelling and beautifully animated visuals, Bunny Drop captivated audiences and left a lasting impact.

Bunny Drop Anime Review - Blog banner

Bunny Drop Synopsis

Bunny Drop follows the life of Daikichi Kawachi, a 30-year-old bachelor who attends his grandfather’s funeral. To everyone’s surprise, a mysterious little girl named Rin appears at the funeral, who happens to be his grandfather’s illegitimate child. 

Shocked by the family’s neglect of Rin, Daikichi impulsively decides to take her in and becomes her guardian.

As Daikichi adapts to his new role as a parent, he finds himself facing various challenges and joys of raising a child. From dealing with Rin’s timid nature and helping her adjust to a new school, to managing his work-life balance, Daikichi’s life is transformed by the arrival of Rin. 

Along the way, he receives support and advice from his friends and family, who also grapple with their own notions of parenthood.

Through heartwarming moments and tender interactions, Daikichi and Rin forge a strong bond, growing together and navigating the complexities of life. The anime beautifully portrays the everyday moments of their lives, capturing the small triumphs and tribulations of parenthood. 

As Rin grows older, Daikichi witnesses her transformation into a remarkable young girl, all the while learning valuable lessons about responsibility, sacrifice, and the true meaning of family.

Is Bunny Drop Worth Watching?

Bunny Drop is a touching and realistic portrayal of the joys and challenges of parenthood, showcasing the unconditional love and growth that can occur in the most unexpected circumstances.

People love the anime Bunny Drop for several compelling reasons:

1. Heartwarming Storytelling: 

The series presents a heartwarming and touching narrative that explores the complexities of family dynamics and the transformative power of love. It beautifully portrays the joys, challenges, and sacrifices of parenthood, resonating with viewers on an emotional level.

2. Relatable Characters: 

The characters in Bunny Drop are relatable and well-developed, capturing the essence of human emotions and experiences. Viewers become deeply invested in the journey of Daikichi and Rin, rooting for their growth and happiness.

3. Realistic Portrayal of Parent-Child Relationships: 

The anime offers a realistic portrayal of the parent-child relationship, showcasing the ups and downs, the everyday moments, and the profound impact it has on both parties involved. It explores the evolving dynamics and highlights the unconditional love that can blossom between a guardian and a child.

4. Slice of Life Appeal: 

Bunny Drop falls under the slice of life genre, which means it focuses on ordinary, everyday experiences. This relatability resonates with viewers as they can see themselves reflected in the characters and situations depicted, making it easy to connect with the story.

5. Emotional Depth: 

The anime tackles various emotions, ranging from heartwarming moments to bittersweet reflections. It explores themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and the transformative power of love, evoking a range of emotions from viewers and leaving a lasting impact.

6. Beautiful Animation: 

The animation in Bunny Drop is visually appealing, with attention to detail and expressive character designs. The gentle and warm art style adds to the overall charm of the series, enhancing the emotional resonance of the story.

7. Positive Life Lessons: 

The anime imparts valuable life lessons, such as the importance of taking responsibility, embracing change, and cherishing the moments spent with loved ones. It encourages viewers to reflect on their own lives and relationships, fostering a sense of introspection and personal growth.

8. Unique Premise: 

The premise of a single bachelor unexpectedly becoming a guardian to a young child is unconventional and intriguing. This uniqueness adds an element of curiosity and keeps viewers engaged, wondering how the characters will navigate their new roles and the challenges that come with them.

Overall, Bunny Drop captivates viewers with its heartfelt storytelling, relatable characters, realistic portrayal of relationships, emotional depth, and positive life lessons, making it a beloved and memorable anime experience.

Bunny Drop Flaws

While Bunny Drop is generally well-regarded, it has also received some criticisms, including:

1. Manga Adaptation Disparity: 

The anime covers only a portion of the manga series, which continues the story into a time skip and explores a controversial relationship between Daikichi and Rin. Some viewers were disappointed by the decision to exclude this part, as it deviated from the heartwarming tone established in the anime.

2. Incomplete Story: 

The anime adaptation concludes without providing a definitive resolution to some plotlines and character arcs. This lack of closure left certain viewers unsatisfied and wanting more from the story.

3. Pacing and Lack of Development: 

Some viewers felt that the anime’s pacing was rushed, leading to limited character development. They desired more exploration of the supporting cast and their relationships with Daikichi and Rin.

4. Artistic Departure: 

The decision to change the art style in the anime’s final episode has been a subject of criticism. The sudden shift in animation style was jarring for some viewers and felt inconsistent with the rest of the series.

5. Missed Opportunities: 

While the anime focuses primarily on Daikichi and Rin’s relationship, some viewers wished for more exploration of the broader themes and side characters. They felt that certain potential storylines were left unexplored, which could have added depth and complexity to the overall narrative.

It’s important to note that these criticisms represent the perspectives of some viewers and should not detract from the overall enjoyment and positive reception that Bunny Drop has received. Ultimately, the anime’s strengths lie in its emotional storytelling and relatable characters, which have resonated with a wide audience.


Bunny Drop is a captivating and heartwarming anime that explores the joys and challenges of parenthood through the endearing relationship between Daikichi and Rin. 

While it has received some valid criticisms, such as the exclusion of certain manga content and a rushed pace, the series still manages to resonate with viewers on an emotional level. 

Its relatable characters, realistic portrayal of parent-child relationships, and positive life lessons make it a compelling and memorable experience. The beautiful animation and slice of life storytelling further enhance the overall appeal of the series. 

Despite its flaws, Bunny Drop succeeds in touching the hearts of its audience, reminding us of the transformative power of love, family, and personal growth.


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