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Assassination Classroom Review | Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

Assassination Classroom is a unique and captivating anime that follows the story of a powerful alien teacher named Koro-sensei and his students in Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The anime is adapted from the manga series of the same name, created by Yūsei Matsui.

The anime is set in a world where the moon has been destroyed, leaving a permanent crescent shape, and Koro-sensei, a yellow octopus-like creature, is responsible for this destruction. 

The creature announces his intention to destroy the Earth within a year unless the students in Class 3-E can kill him first. In exchange for his assassination, the Japanese government has promised to give the students a hefty reward of 10 billion yen.

Assassination Classroom Synopsis

Assassination Classroom is an anime series that tells the story of a group of students who must kill their teacher, a creature known as Koro-sensei, before he destroys the Earth. The show follows the class of 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, which is comprised of the worst students in the school, and their assignment to assassinate Koro-sensei.

Koro-sensei is a highly intelligent, octopus-like creature who has destroyed a large portion of the moon and threatens to do the same to Earth within the next year. The Japanese government has offered a reward of 10 billion yen to anyone who can kill him. However, Koro-sensei is incredibly fast and can move at speeds of up to Mach 20, making him almost impossible to catch or kill.

The students of Class 3-E are given special weapons and training to help them in their mission, and they must also attend regular classes and complete their schoolwork like any other student. The show follows the students as they try to come up with different plans to kill Koro-sensei, while also dealing with their personal issues and struggles.

Throughout the show, the students learn more about Koro-sensei and his past, as well as the reasons behind his desire to destroy the Earth. They also form close bonds with each other and with their teacher, making it increasingly difficult for them to carry out their mission.

As the series progresses, the students face numerous challenges and obstacles, including other assassins who want to kill Koro-sensei for their own reasons, and a powerful organization that wants to capture and study him. They also discover more about their own strengths and weaknesses, and learn to work together to overcome their individual limitations.

In the end, the students must decide whether to carry out their mission and kill Koro-sensei, or to try and find another way to save the Earth. The show culminates in a dramatic finale, as the students face their toughest challenge yet and must make a difficult choice that will determine the fate of the world.

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Is Assassination Classrooms worth watching?

The story of Assassination Classroom is unique, and the anime does an excellent job of balancing different genres. While the show primarily falls under the category of action, it also includes elements of comedy, drama, and suspense. The characters are well-developed, and their personalities are well-defined, making it easy to get attached to them.

One of the most striking aspects of Assassination Classroom is the animation. The art style is visually appealing, and the colors are vibrant, giving the anime a very distinct and enjoyable look. The fight scenes are well-choreographed, and the use of special effects and sound effects enhance the viewing experience.

The anime’s pacing is excellent, and the story is well-told. The show manages to keep its audience engaged throughout its run, and the narrative twists and turns make it difficult to predict what will happen next. The humor is well-placed and not overdone, adding to the enjoyment of the show.

Assassination Classroom also touches on several themes, including loyalty, sacrifice, and self-improvement. The anime showcases the students’ growth and development, not just in their abilities as assassins but also as individuals. The anime’s central message is that everyone has the potential to be great, and that it’s essential to focus on self-improvement to achieve it.

Everything that sucks about Assassination Classroom

While Assassination Classroom has gained a lot of popularity and positive reception, there are some aspects of the anime that some viewers dislike. Here are some of the common criticisms:


Some viewers feel that the pacing of the show can be slow at times, particularly in the middle of the series. The focus on character development and emotional moments can take away from the action and the overall plot.


Although the animation is generally well-done, there are some scenes where the quality drops or the animation appears choppy. This can take viewers out of the experience and detract from the overall enjoyment of the show.


The show can fall into some common anime tropes, such as predictable character arcs or predictable story beats. Some viewers may find this to be repetitive or unoriginal.


While the humor in Assassination Classroom can be enjoyable for some, others may find it to be too over-the-top or juvenile. Some viewers may not appreciate the more comedic moments in the show.


As the show revolves around assassinating a teacher, some viewers may find the violence to be too graphic or disturbing. The show does include some mature themes and content, so it may not be suitable for all audiences.

Final thoughts on Assassination Classroom

Overall, Assassination Classroom is a fantastic anime that is worth watching. Its unique premise, well-developed characters, excellent animation, and engaging story make it a standout anime in its genre. The show manages to balance different elements, making it enjoyable for viewers of different ages and tastes.


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