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Anohana: The flower we saw that day Review

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is a touching and emotional anime series that explores the themes of friendship, loss, and grief. 

Produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai, the show follows a group of childhood friends who are brought back together by the ghost of their deceased friend, Menma.

The series is set in the present day, several years after Menma’s death, and the group has grown apart due to the trauma of losing their friend. However, when Menma’s ghost appears to Jinta, one of the group members, he is tasked with fulfilling her final wish in order to help her move on to the afterlife.

As Jinta and his friends work together to grant Menma’s wish, they are forced to confront their own feelings of guilt, regret, and unresolved emotions from the past. 

The show’s poignant exploration of grief and loss is expertly balanced with moments of humor and lightheartedness, making for a truly captivating viewing experience.

With beautiful animation, a memorable soundtrack, and a cast of well-developed characters, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is a must-watch for fans of anime and anyone looking for a heartfelt and poignant story.

Anohana: The flower we saw that day Synopsis

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (also known as Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai) is an anime series that follows the story of a group of childhood friends who drifted apart after the death of one of their own, Menma.

Years later, the group has grown up and gone their separate ways, but they are still haunted by the memories of Menma and the tragedy that tore them apart. Jinta Yadomi, the protagonist of the series, is a recluse who spends most of his days at home, avoiding school and social interaction. However, his peaceful existence is disrupted when Menma’s ghost appears to him, asking for his help to fulfill her wish.

Jinta initially thinks he’s hallucinating, but as Menma’s ghost continues to appear to him, he realizes that he’s not the only one who can see her. The other members of their childhood group, including Jinta’s estranged friends, begin to see Menma’s ghost as well.

As they begin to unravel the mystery of Menma’s wish, the group is forced to confront the unresolved feelings they have been carrying since Menma’s death. They each must come to terms with their own guilt and regrets, as they work together to fulfill Menma’s wish and lay her spirit to rest.

Throughout the series, the group of friends reconnect and rebuild their relationships as they rediscover the bond they once shared. The anime explores themes of friendship, loss, grief, and coming of age, as the characters navigate their way through the complexities of growing up and facing the past.

Overall, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is a touching and poignant anime that captures the nostalgia and pain of growing up and losing a loved one. It is a story about the power of friendship and the importance of facing your past in order to move forward.

Is Anohana: The flower we saw that day worth watching?

Is Anohana worth watching? Yes and yes. That’s not enough for our sceptical readers we know. But for real though, this is one of the best anime we have seen so far in terms of how well it is able to make us connect with the characters and get deploy emotionally invested.

It is right up there with Your Lie in April, Violet Evergarden the movie, Clannad, Clannad after story and A silent voice! Anyway without further ado, here are all the reasons why you should stop what you’re doing and watch this anime right now!

Emotional Storytelling: 

Anohana tells a heart-warming story about a group of childhood friends who are reunited years after the death of one of their own. The story deals with themes of grief, loss, and healing, and is known for its ability to evoke strong emotions in its viewers.


The anime captures the essence of childhood and the memories associated with it. Viewers often find themselves reminiscing about their own childhood experiences, making the anime relatable and endearing.

Complex Characters: 

The characters in Anohana are complex and multidimensional. They each have their own unique backstory, personality, and struggles, making them relatable and easy to connect with.

Themes of Friendship and Forgiveness: 

Anohana emphasizes the importance of friendship and forgiveness. It shows how important it is to forgive ourselves and others in order to move on and heal from past hurts.

Beautiful Animation: 

The animation in Anohana is beautiful and visually stunning. The anime captures the beauty of the natural world and the emotions of its characters through its vibrant colors and stunning scenery.

Memorable Soundtrack: 

The anime’s soundtrack is memorable and emotional, adding to the overall impact of the story. The opening theme song, “Aoi Shiori” by Galileo Galilei, is particularly popular and has become a fan favourite.

Positive Impact: 

Anohana has had a positive impact on many viewers, inspiring them to reflect on their own lives and relationships. The anime has also been praised for its positive representation of mental health and grief, helping to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding these issues.

Overall, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is a touching and emotional anime that resonates with viewers on a deep level. Its themes of friendship, forgiveness, and healing, combined with its beautiful animation and memorable soundtrack, make it a beloved favourite among anime fans.

Everything that sucks about Anohana: The flower we saw that day 

While Anohana: the flower we saw that day might easily be one of the best anime we have seen so far, it is not exempt from a few criticisms. For people who might have some beef with Anohana, here is what they might say is wrong with it:


Some viewers have criticized the pacing of the anime, particularly in the middle section. They feel that the story moves too slowly, and there are some scenes that feel unnecessary.

Predictable plot: 

Some people have found the plot to be predictable, and have guessed the ending before it happens. This can take away from the emotional impact of the story.

Lack of character development: 

While the main characters are well-developed, some viewers feel that the supporting characters are not given enough attention. They feel that these characters could have been fleshed out more, which would have added depth to the story.


Some viewers have criticized the show for being too melodramatic. They feel that the emotions of the characters are over-the-top, and that the show tries too hard to pull at the heartstrings.

Overuse of flashbacks: 

There are several flashbacks throughout the series, and some viewers feel that they are overused. They can be seen as repetitive, and some people feel that they slow down the pacing of the story.

Lack of resolution: 

While the ending of the anime is emotional and satisfying for many viewers, some people feel that there are still unanswered questions. They feel that the ending is too ambiguous, and they would have liked to see more closure for the characters.

It’s worth noting that these criticisms are not universally held, and many people enjoy the anime despite any flaws it may have.

Final thoughts on Anohana: The flower we saw that day 

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is a poignant and emotionally charged anime that delves into the themes of loss, grief, and the power of friendship. 

With its beautiful animation, a well-crafted storyline, and relatable characters, the show manages to capture the essence of the human experience in a way that few anime can. 

The heart-wrenching moments and tear-jerking scenes will leave a lasting impression on any viewer, while the underlying message of the show—that even in the face of tragedy, hope, and healing are possible—resonates deeply. 

Anohana is a must-watch for anyone who wants to experience a truly powerful and moving anime that will stay with them long after the final episode has ended.


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